The application for Vermont Place Apartments is closed until further notice. Talbot House Ministries has received the maximum number of applicants it is prepared to process in order to fill the 16 units at Vermont Place. If you have already submitted an application, please allow the Housing Department 5-7 business days to evaluate your eligibility.

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Vermont Place Apartment FAQ’s

Below are a few frequently asked questions to help you determine what to expect when applying. You can also call (863) 687-8475 if you have additional questions about your eligibility.

What are the Vermont Place Apartments?2021-03-09T21:39:52+00:00

Vermont Place is Talbot House’s newest affordable housing initiative. Located in central Lakeland, the newly-renovated apartment complex offers sixteen 350 sq. ft. studio apartments, two of which are ADA-compliant.

Who is eligible to live in the Vermont Place Apartments?2021-03-09T21:40:37+00:00

The Vermont Place Apartments will house low and very low-income working adults, veterans, and the disabled. Eligible households must meet income restrictions as follows: a single-person household must earn $24,696 or less; a household of two must earn $28,224 or less.

How are tenants chosen?2021-03-09T21:40:58+00:00

Applicants will be evaluated competitively based on the information provided in their applications. Individuals experiencing homelessness will be given priority.

Do you accept pets?2021-03-09T21:41:17+00:00

We have a no pet policy on this property.

When will tenants be able to move in?2021-03-09T21:41:38+00:00

The earliest tenants will be able to move in will be Thursday, April 15, 2021.

How much does it cost to apply?2021-03-09T21:41:57+00:00

The preliminary application above is free. If you are selected for consideration as a tenant, you will be asked to pay a $40 application fee for a background and credit check.

I submitted my application. What’s next?2021-03-09T21:44:59+00:00

Preliminary applications will be reviewed by a team for eligibility requirements. The most qualified applicants to be considered must pay a $40 application fee for a background and credit check before final acceptance.

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