The Good Samaritan Free Clinic has been bustling throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, remaining open the entire time to treat patients. Even with a busy schedule, short of staff, and implementing new CDC guidelines, the Clinic’s dedicated team found time to make much-needed improvements.

At Talbot House Ministries, we aim to provide a wide range of resources and support for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to announce the Clinic received a new electronic health record system that will allow us to improve patient safety, quality of care, and treatment efficiency. The new system will replace physical medical records, instead securely storing patient information in an online “cloud” where staff will be able to access and update patients records with ease. This upgrade also allows us the capacity to offer telehealth services to patients who may be unable or unwilling to travel to Talbot House for care. Clinic staff are eager to begin offering telehealth services, which will expand the number of patients they are able to treat every month.

Olga Nicolas, Clinic Director, states, “We remain dedicated to advancing our tools to provide quality healthcare to those most in need.” She has seen firsthand the benefits of what accessible quality healthcare can do for our patients. Like Mr. C, who was suffering from lack of sleep, frequent urination and thirst, and uncontrollable blood sugar which caused his quality of life to decrease substantially.

Thanks to the Clinic’s comprehensive treatment plan, Mr. C. now reports that he is happy, his health has improved, and is grateful to the Good Samaritan Free Clinic for the services he receives.

The move to electronic medical records is not the only advancement taking place. The Clinic is also in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and secure funding for additional resources and staff once we receive the supply. We don’t have a date just yet for when the vaccine will be available. Follow our website and social media or contact the Clinic at 863-226-4261 for more information.

Amid these significant achievements, Talbot House also continues improving its range of direct patient services for our uninsured neighbors. The Good Samaritan Free Clinic recently hosted its quarterly Well-Woman event, providing eligible ladies with free pap smears, breast exams, mammograms, and other critical care items. They are also working with the Florida Department of Health’s Sertoma Mobile Hearing Clinic to host a no-cost hearing evaluation event.

We thank God for allowing us the opportunity to offer free, quality healthcare thanks to our dedicated staff, donors, and volunteers.