Talbot House Ministries is blessed to be able to serve our community throughout this turbulent season. As we look to the future and consider the rapidly changing environment in which we live and work, we find ourselves in need of your help.

As our leadership charts a course for the coming months, we want you to know that our community’s public health remains our top priority. We are reexamining our annual Seeds of Hope banquet to determine the feasibility of continuing this beloved tradition in light of potential risks brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please take a few minutes today to complete the Seeds of Hope survey. We are relying on your feedback as we prayerfully decide upon the most responsible course of action this fall.

The Seeds of Hope banquet has historically represented a critical source of funding that sustains our life-changing programs all year. Your feedback today will enable Talbot House to continue to offer hope to the hopeless in the days to come.