Did you know Talbot House’s housing department not only helps on-campus residents, but also individuals and families across Polk County? Families experience all kinds of crises that can lead to homelessness, from a house fire to job loss, domestic violence, or mental health issues. ¬†Working closely with the Homeless Coalition of Polk County, our affordable housing staff step in and help people experiencing many different struggles find and maintain stable housing.

Through our housing department, Talbot House can help many more individuals than just those on Kentucky Avenue; your neighbor, friend, or church member might be or have been a Talbot House client.

Latasha, a current housing client, secured an affordable apartment after she had to stop working due to mental health concerns. As she works to rehabilitate herself, Talbot House provides rental assistance and helps her secure food, clothes, and furniture. With Talbot House’s support, Latasha has been able to heal while having her own place to live, giving her a better sense of freedom and dignity. This month, Latasha will take her cosmetology recertification exam and plans to get back to work as a hairdresser very soon. She will start to pay for a growing percentage of her rent and, with the help of her case manager, slowly graduate back to self-sufficiency.

Talbot House receives funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, as well as the Polk County Board of County Commissioners, to help reduce homelessness by placing qualifying individuals and families into appropriate housing. By providing housing and case management services to those in need, Talbot House works to break the generational cycle of poverty and strengthen our community.

Stories like Latasha’s show how Talbot House is so much more than just a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter. Over time, Talbot House Ministries has grown into a local authority for affordable housing, food insecurity, and people experiencing homelessness. Our services are open to the public, and past residents or clients can continue to utilize assistance to maintain their independence.

Talbot House wants everyone to know it is never too late or too early to seek help. If you or someone you know is struggling, please call us at (863) 687-8475.