Renewal Program

The Renewal Program serves men and women who have chronic issues with homelessness, including substance abuse and mental health issues, regain a productive and meaningful life.

Individuals considering the Renewal Program come to us with a variety of hopes and needs. Our team is committed to developing personalized success strategies and offering a wide range of resources to help renew the life trajectory of those experiencing homeless.

Case management staff are trained in substance abuse, mental health, trauma, and crisis intervention. We hold classes which teach a variety of evidence-based interventions such as cognitive and behavior therapy, substance abuse rehabilitation counseling, skills-based training, anger management and coping skills, dialectical behavior training, mindfulness, understanding brain functioning, and spirituality.

The program is designed to provide enrolled clients with assistance with birth certificates, driver’s license reinstatement, educational advancement, spiritual growth opportunities, as well as employment training, placement, and financial education through our Solutions program.

STEP: Savings & Transition Economic Program

The STEP Program provides those experiencing homelessness who have an income with a place to stay. The goal of this program is to empower clients to save the necessary funds to get back on their feet and once again secure their own housing.

This program is geared toward people who do not have long-term issues with homelessness, substance abuse, or mental health issues and is a short-term program. The program typically lasts three to six months. Clients in the STEP Program receive budget counseling, financial classes, employment training and assistance, as well as guidance in achieving short-term goals.

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