To say that Maryanne* has lived a hard life would be a grave understatement. From an early age she survived terrible abuse, moving from her parents to a foster home to protective custody while learning to depend on alcohol to cope with her situation. Maryanne says she was an alcoholic by the time she was 12.

She married at the age of 14 with her father’s consent. Her husband enrolled in the Air Force, and their marriage was turbulent. Isolated and constantly moving, Maryanne found friends who shared her interest in drinking wherever they went. Her husband’s unfaithfulness devolved into paranoia and domestic abuse, causing Maryanne to leave him.

She returned to her family in another state after being gone for 38 years. She began working as a nanny for a family and fell in love with their children and grandchildren. She stopped drinking for a time, and it seemed like her life was heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, Maryanne’s past came back to haunt her once more in the form of warrants, a relapse, and a car accident she was lucky to survive.

While completing her time in Polk County’s correctional system, Maryanne decided to turn her life around for good. She earned her GED, began attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and started studying the Bible. By the time she arrived at Talbot House Ministries, she knew she was on the right path but needed help making a full recovery. Since March, Maryanne has maintained her sobriety living in our residential program.

“I attend meetings, support groups, and I work hard… It makes me feel good knowing I have accomplished a lot.”

She continues to attend AA meetings and meets with her case manager Mireliz regularly to discuss her goals. Together, Talbot House staff have helped Maryanne obtain her identification and assisted her with plans to rejoin her family.

Please wish Maryanne a safe trip as she leaves Florida to travel back to her home. She looks forward to resuming her work as a nanny and helping other alcoholics in her area to rise above their addiction.


*Name changed for privacy.