When Rosalie attempted to buy a house, she fell victim to a scam. A large amount of her savings disappeared overnight and she lived out of a motel room. All that Rosalie had left was Sassy Pants—her service dog.

After six months of living in a motel room, Rosalie ran out of money. Rosalie shared, “My late husband had donated to Talbot House many years ago. When I became homeless, I remembered the Talbot House. I’m so grateful that I did.”

Rosalie joining the program started her journey to healing. Through the Good Samaritan Clinic, Rosalie got much needed medication to treat her depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. “I feel so much better with my medication. I am happier and more social. And the classes here are awesome. Shaunese teaches ‘Overcoming Grief’ and it helps me tremendously to be able to move on with my life.”

Sassy is the first dog to live at Talbot House and all of the residents adore her. She brings joy and comfort to all who meet her. Rosalie shares, “While we were at the motel, Sassy and I lived off of food stamps and whatever was microwaveable. If it wasn’t for Sassy, I would have committed suicide. She was all I had. When I got here, everything that I owned was hers.”

What’s next for Rosalie? Rosalie is currently fighting for her social security benefits and hopes to find a place to call home with the help of our housing program.

“I just want to thank everyone at Talbot House. Truly, thank you. If anyone needs a place to go, I highly recommend this place.”

Congrats on your progress in the program, Rosalie! Keep moving forward.