After getting involved with the wrong crowd, Richard realized that he didn’t want to continue on the dark path that he was walking. Unsure of how to go about reclaiming his life, he heard testimonials about Talbot House Ministries and knew that joining the program would be his best option. Now, Richard is making important steps towards self-sufficiency.

Through Solutions, our employment program, Richard gained the confidence to seek new skills and strive for a career. He is currently preparing for the state security license exam. With this license, he hopes to find a job as a security guard to begin saving money for a place of his own.

“The good news is that Talbot House provides everything for me. Meals, shelter, clothing… I can just focus on saving money.”

Richard shares that during his time at Talbot House the thing that has impacted him the most has been everything he has learned. “I feel like I have improved my attitude and my perspective on life through case management and classes, such as Overcoming Grief. The staff takes the time to teach you and I have learned a lot about myself.”

“Talbot House offers a lot of help and I recommend it to everyone that is in need. The help is available, you just have to get up and take a hold of it.”

We are so proud of Richard’s progress so far and continue to believe in his success!