With nowhere to go after being released from prison last November, Quentin arrived at Talbot House Ministries.

When I got out of prison I had nothing. No one to lean on and nowhere to go. I came to Talbot House because I needed stability and a chance to refocus my energy on my present and my future.” And that’s what he got.

Talbot House provided Quentin with the things he needed: clothing, food, and shelter. With the help of staff and fellow residents, Quentin remains positive, takes proactive steps towards his goals, and works every day to achieve them.

“My life motto is,” Quentin shares, “Always move forward. And when you can, move upward.”

Quentin plans to continue his education at Polk State through courses such as “Computer Information Systems” and “Information Technology” and hopes to find stable housing with the help of our housing department.

The next time you stop by, you might see Quentin working at the front desk. Be sure to wish him luck as he continues moving forward into stability and self-sufficiency.