Vinnie recently received the opportunity to move into the Fellowship Hall here at Talbot House Ministries, which she has nicknamed the “Penthouse.”  She says that it is a privilege to have a place she calls her own, that allows her to experience peace and serenity.

Fellowship Hall offers Vinnie safety, stability, and the opportunity for independence she has been unable to find elsewhere.  This housing is perfect for her. She says that without access to this affordable housing, she would not make it by herself.

After over 25 years of addiction, Vinnie has now been clean for 10 years. During her time at Talbot House Ministries, she has learned structure and discipline through the programs she completed. In her optimistic outlook, Vinnie states, “I see a purpose in my struggles that will allow me to minister to others.”

Vinnie truly believes, “Forgiveness is for yourself, not anyone else. It can be hard to let go of bitterness and resentment, but those feelings weigh down on you. To forgive is to let go of these feelings, and end the cycle for yourself.” Please continue to keep Vinnie in your prayers as she continues her journey in her new residence.