It takes some time to get to know Stevie. Quiet and reserved, he prefers to let his actions do the talking. He can regularly be found with a mop or a broom in hand, keeping himself busy serving his fellow residents.

“I like to clean,” Stevie says. He has found that cleaning gives him a constructive outlet when he feels sad or frustrated by his circumstances.

Stevie is a survivor. Diagnosed with leukemia as a teenager, his life has known its share of struggles and grief. After his father passed away, Stevie found himself homeless and came to Talbot House for help.

When he first came to Talbot House, he remembers asking a lot of hard questions: “I’m not supposed to be here. Why am I here?” He struggled with low self esteem and was tired of feeling rejected at every turn.

At Talbot House, Stevie has found the faith to persevere. His case manager and other staff have rallied around him and are empowering him to change his life. He has worked hard to stabilize and is now pursuing his next goal – employment.

“I just have to keep the faith and believe that it’s going to happen for me.”

Stevie looks at job postings every night hoping to find a good fit. In fact, he has had several interviews recently and remains optimistic about his prospects. He would love to work in environmental services, where he can put his cleaning skills to good use.

Join us in wishing Stevie the best of luck on his job hunt and, if you’re looking to fill a position, please reach out to Talbot House Ministries’ employment program.