Stanley woke up one morning and decided that he needed a change. Bouncing around from place to place was not working for him anymore. Jumping up, he remembered his volunteer work with Talbot House Ministries.

“Should I?” thought Stanley… Without a second thought, he found himself headed to a familiar place, where he had previously volunteered for 6 years.

Before coming to Talbot House Ministries, Stanley had battled “functional homelessness” (also known as couch surfing) for years. The tragic loss of two children, one at just 3 days old, created a void that could never be filled in his heart.

Now, it was his turn to ask for help. Joining the STEP program at the age of 58 was a step he needed to take.

Through the love of God, Talbot House helped Stanley begin to recover. Today, he happily calls this place home, and considers the Talbot House community his family!

Stanley once believed homeless could be described in three words: sad, broken, and cold. However, through the love of God, and by participating in many classes and meetings, he now says he feels loved, smart, and healthy.