Kenneth has been called many things in his lifetime but explains that since coming to Talbot House, this is the first time that people have called him strong. A life of anger, pain, and frustration led Ken to develop a substance abuse problem and serve time in jail. Intense peer pressure and a lack of options make Ken reluctant to ask for help over the years.

“I was following the wrong path, the wrong voices,” he remembers.

Eventually, Ken reached a point where he became ready to change his ways. At Talbot House Ministries, Ken attends substance abuse classes and receives necessary medical care as he works towards a better life. He is recovering from multiple car accidents and attends physical therapy to relieve severe knee pain. Soft spoken and good natured, he has become a role model to other residents.

Ken has earned the most trusted resident job assignment at Talbot House, leading the security team. In this duty, he helps maintain safety on campus by managing guest check-in and ensuring doors are properly locked. All residents on campus receive job tasks, ranging from janitorial to kitchen and security, which build accountability and assist Talbot House in its daily operations.

Ken defies the stereotype of the homeless man; always a gentleman, he can regularly be found opening doors and sharing his caramels. Today, he hopes for a peaceful life in an affordable apartment where he can watch his jewelry-making shows, chew on Werther’s caramels, and sip on iced tea. Let’s pray for Ken as he works hard to gain his goal of a quiet and simple life.