At the age of 51, Lucius sought out a fresh start to life. He wasn’t proud of the life he had led. When his close friend passed away from a drug overdose, Lucius found God and realized it was time to make a change.

Lucius came to Florida from Pennsylvania with nothing but the clothes on his back. He got a fast food job and planned to stay at Talbot House as a guest until he got back on his feet. However, Lucius quickly realized that it would take much more work to achieve the life he wanted.

Lucius had always dreamed of being a barber. His nephew had recently enrolled in a local beauty academy, and he inspired Lucius to do the same.

“People that I respect and care about were doing it… I said, ‘I can do this too!’” When Lucius realized that the barber academy was within the realm of possibility for him, Solutions’ employment staff helped him arrange the paperwork and overcome the barriers to enrollment.

Four days a week, Lucius is walking from Talbot House to a nearby beauty academy to receive training with the goal of becoming a master barber. In his free time, he practices giving free hair cuts to Talbot House guests and residents.

“Your help and contributions help people like me succeed,” says Lucius. Thank you for prayerfully supporting our emergency shelter and Solutions programs, which are making progress possible for people like him every day.