“I learned God had a plan for me all along.”

Keith struggled with mental health and drug addiction, causing him to lose his home, family, and job. Losing hope by the day, Keith started to think his life had no meaning and battled suicidal thoughts.

He describes the 16 months spent at Talbot House as a lifesaver and talks about all the services, resources, and people here that truly gave him the support to renew his life. The Good Samaritan Free Clinic helped him find the right mix of medications to address his mental health. From there, he was able to begin addressing the other issues that led him to Talbot House in the first place.

Keith tried other programs that he says put a lot of pressure on him to show progress quickly. He thinks that rigid structure didn’t allow him the time he needed to address his demons first.

“At Talbot House, I take classes to deal with my trauma, addiction, and problems,” says Keith. His favorite courses come from our mental health counselor, Shaunese, who teaches weekly lessons and holds one on one sessions to help residents deal with different life problems.

While addressing his health and building positive coping traits, Keith also works in the donation center at Talbot House, which he explains enlightens him to the world of compassion and generosity. He gets constant reminders that the community cares about Talbot House Ministries’ mission and the work done here to renew lives.

Currently, Keith is working with Talbot House case management to secure legal advice and apply for benefits to sort out his future.

Next time you visit Talbot House’s donation center, please say hello to Keith. Let’s congratulate him on his recovery progress and pray for him on his journey to self-sufficiency.