John landed at Talbot House after being turned away from every job opening because of his background.

He was so used to facing rejections and denials in his life that he began to give up hope. John had sought help from other providers and facilities, but many were unable to help him with his range of needs.

Talbot House Ministries’ case management, operations, and medical services teamed up to help him. This year, staff have helped John pay off his court fees, earn a job, and receive the medical care he desperately needed.

John’s struggle with mental health caused numerous problems with his family, friends, and employers while sending his life into chaos.

“I’ve worked many places before… but my past kept haunting me and prevented me from a future.” John is forever grateful for the hard work the Talbot House team did to help him become eligible for employment again and find him a suitable job.

“Talbot House gave me the tools and opportunities to get my life back on track and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.”

John now works on building his relationship with his seven-year-old son, getting his driver’s license back, and saving for a car. He works nights at his job, but in his free time he is learning how to speak French and helps other residents practice patience.

With your support, you show people like John his life matters. Thank you for renewing hope in the lives of people like John.