When James lost his job, and later lost his apartment, he spent a week living on the street. Due to multiple health conditions, he could no longer work a steady job. This led to a long battle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

“I didn’t believe clinical depression was real until I was living it. One day I found Talbot House online and began reading the reviews and testimonies. I saw so many success stories and I wanted to be one of those success stories.”

James arrived at Talbot House and put his all into the program. With the help of his case manager and the Good Samaritan Free Clinic, James was able to get health insurance, access to medication, and mental health counseling. Meanwhile, our benefits specialist walked with him during the entire process of completing his application for benefits to which he was entitled.

“I thank God that Talbot House exists as a resource and an advocate. The staff here has really worked with me every step of the way.”

If you call in the afternoons, you may hear James volunteering at our receptionist desk. As for his future, James is praying that his benefits are approved so that he can find a place of his own and live a peaceful life.

“Even though I have been living the darkest time in my life, being here has been a good experience and has given me hope. I am miles away from the low point I was at when I came in.”

We are so happy that James has been able to get the medical and legal assistance that he needed and wish him the best moving forward.