Imagine living with your significant other for over 25 years, and one day your life you built together just vanishes. That is precisely what happened to Debra when she came home to find her partner locked her out of the home. All of Debra’s possessions, including clothing, medication, and sentimental items, were held hostage by someone who used to care for her. Just like that, Debra was homeless, leaving her confused, angry, and sad.

Debra spent almost three months on the street, but because of her age, disability, and health she frequently ended up in the hospital.

Debra spent many nights at Talbot House as a guest in our emergency shelter. Many people stay as guests overnight until they can join the Renewal or Step program. Unlike other nightly guests, Debra came around during the day and offered to help around Talbot House doing anything so that she could stay inside. She used to roll silverware, replace toilet paper, and file documents.

“I was desperate and extremely vulnerable, so nothing was below me.” Debra describes as she talks about her time on the streets. She knew the homeless lifestyle was not good for her health, so she attempted to join our residential programs every single week until there was an opening available.

Debra never thought someone like her would experience homelessness, but she remains happy that places like Talbot House exists to help her regain self-sufficiency. Currently, Debra utilizes our mental health classes, housing assistance, and financial education courses as she hopes to recover her independence soon.

If you happen to call Talbot House Ministries in the afternoons, you most likely will hear Debra’s friendly voice as she volunteers regularly in the receptionist’s office. Debra’s story reminds us that anyone can find themselves in need of a helping hand. Thank you for helping Debra and praying for her continued health and success.