“It’s funny how God works,” David said as he reflected on his time at Talbot House Ministries.

Unlike some of our clients, David didn’t come to Talbot House with a criminal record or untreated substance abuse. As a matter of fact, he had a college degree and was five years sober. But, at 47, he was homeless, jobless, and needed a place to stay.

Since coming to Talbot House, David has had his ups and downs in the program. His relationship with his case manager, Angel, got off to a rocky start. Angel saw that David struggled with anger, and responded with patience and understanding. David began to realize that they had a lot in common, and that Angel had his best interests at heart.

“He’s been where I’ve been,” David realized. “I consider him a friend. He’s helped me out a lot.”

David has had a lot of time for introspection over this past year. He’s learning patience, acceptance, and growing in his spiritual walk with the Lord.

One of David’s biggest struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic has been not being able to go to church. He has a degree in youth ministry and work experience at a Christian alcohol and drug discipleship program, and misses being a part of a church family. He hopes to be able to fully engage with them again soon.

In the meantime, David is working hard and saving his money to get a place of his own. He has been promoted to a leadership position in his job at Wendy’s and works over 40 hours a week, often until 3 a.m. He was recently offered an on-campus apartment, but turned it down, preferring to wait a bit longer while he works on his credit and pays off some debts. One day soon, we are confident that David will achieve true independence.

Please pray for David to be encouraged spiritually this month.