Born and raised in Michigan, Christine came to Florida at the beginning of the year to visit a friend. What began as an exciting trip ended with Christine fighting for her life in the hospital after being robbed of her money and identity. Terrified and confused on what to do, the hospital gave her information on Talbot House Ministries.

“I had never been homeless. I was freaking out and didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Frightened, desperate, and confused, Christine arrived at Talbot House and encountered caring residents who convinced her to stay.

Since arriving, Christine has found healing, regained hope, and can once again dream about her future. After four months in the program, Christine started working as a full-time waitress and is now saving money to rebuild her life.

“The case managers, mental health counselor, the shift managers—everyone has become a big part of my story. I decided to stay here and not move back to Michigan because of the family I found here. We all care about each other.”

To many residents, Christine is a mother figure; attentive, encouraging, and nurturing. Christine continues to emphasize, “This is my family.”

“If you actually work the program the way you’re supposed to, good things will come from it. I did the classes. I went to counseling. I listened to the staff. As long as you’re engaging the program, you’re going to be successful in getting your life back under control.”

Christine has regained her confidence and continues to work towards self-sufficiency. Join us in celebrating what she has accomplished so far and wishing her the best for her future!