After years of sobriety, suddenly losing his job led Carlos to a drug relapse. The financial hardship and struggle of substance abuse eventually evolved into a struggle with homelessness. While living on the street, a series of seizures sent Carlos to the hospital. When he was released from the hospital in August of 2019 with nowhere to go, a friend brought him to Talbot House Ministries.

Carlos says, “At Talbot House I found people that cared about me and wanted to help me overcome my addiction. People that never said ‘no’ to helping me.”

A moment that stands out to Carlos is the death of his father while he was in the program. He recalls, “When my father passed away last year, Talbot House staff demonstrated a great amount of support. I remember when they told me they would pay for my flight to Puerto Rico so that I could attend the funeral. And they did.”

In the past two years, Carlos has attended Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, has received endless support from staff and peers, and says, “The program helped me learn how to help myself and how to help others with the struggles that I have gone through.” More recently, Carlos has been able to obtain medical insurance, attend medical appointments, and get approved for disability benefits.

Carlos thanks Talbot House staff and residents for their role in his recovery and for always being there for him. “The people here have made themselves available to me when I needed it most.” Above all, Carlos gives thanks to God. “I wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for His love and grace.”

What’s next for Carlos? Carlos is looking forward to graduating from the program, finding a place of his own, and living a life that encourages other addicts and demonstrates hope. Until then, you can find Carlos leading the team of residents at our donation drop-off. The next time you stop by, be sure to congratulate Carlos on two years at Talbot House and wish him luck on his next steps!

Carlos @ Donations Cropped