When Bryson graduated high school, he felt lost, gave up hope for his future, and began abusing substances. When his mother passed away earlier this year, he felt guilt from the pain he brought her.

“I got tired of running in circles and I wanted to change. I heard about Talbot House through the hospital and joined the program.”

Through the Good Samaritan Free Clinic, Bryson got access to mental health services he needed.

“Through counseling and medication, I have been able to manage my thoughts and emotions. As for my substance abuse, I realized that I used drugs to hide the fact that I was broken and wanted to numb my pain. Over time, I learned to face my pain head on instead of suppressing it.”

Bryson shares that when he first joined the program, he questioned if he had the ability to change.

“I kept asking myself, ‘If I do this, will I just go back to being the old me?’ But I knew I had to make my mom proud.”  Talbot House staff helped Bryson understand his options and believed in his ability to turn his life around.

“I realized that if I can be sober for this long, I can be sober for life. I just have to keep my faith and stay grounded.”

What’s next for Bryson? Bryson will be joining Job Corps in January and hopes to then attend college. He is passionate about psychiatry and helping people who struggle with mental health issues.

Bryson thanks Talbot House Ministries for giving him a chance: “The staff believing in me encouraged me to put my all into the program. And the other residents here have come alongside me and been there for me along the way.”

We are so proud of you, Bryson! Continue to push forward and pave a path for yourself.