“I’ve learned recovery is not a straight path, it’s like a roller coaster.”

Like most people, Bianca struggles with life’s everyday problems, like paying bills and raising her kids. However, as she also battled past trauma and mental health issues, these simple worries became more difficult. For a while she resisted help, thinking she could fight through on her own. Eventually, Bianca realized that she needed to make a change for the sake of her six kids.

Bianca has greatly benefitted from Solutions employment training and assistance, and even worked at a factory job recently. Unfortunately, she had to pull back her responsibilities to focus on her overall health. Bianca is grateful to have access to multiple services, like the Good Samaritan Free Clinic and a mental health counselor, all under one roof.

Bianca is working hard to learn skills to manage daily stress and throughout this whole process still visits her kids almost every weekend.

Let’s congratulate Bianca on her progress and pray for her as she plans to begin studying for her GED next month.