This April, Talbot House Ministries held a strategic planning board retreat to discuss opportunities for growth over the next five years. We are grateful to GiveWell Community Foundation for providing funding to support this retreat as part of their Empower Polk grant cycle. An amazing group of strategic planning professionals from Publix Super Markets facilitated the day-long meeting. With their help, our board members and leadership staff discussed their passion for the mission of Talbot House and how to better meet the needs of those we serve.

“Ministry leads me,” reflected Teddra Porteous during introductions. This theme that would continue throughout the day. More experienced board members highlighted the growth and accomplishments of Talbot House in recent years, and the importance of playing to its organizational strengths.

Key topics at the retreat included client engagement and programs, developing a future roadmap for Talbot House, enhancing its external relationships, and strengthening the internal culture. With help from our team of facilitators, a comprehensive plan for the next three to five years will be drafted using the input gleaned from various stakeholders. We look forward to everything the future holds for Talbot House Ministries!

We appreciate the time, expertise, insights of Leila, Kiley, Alex, and Todd from Publix Super Markets. Thank you to Catapult for hosting us in their beautiful space, and to GiveWell Community Foundation for investing in this capacity-building endeavor.