Thanks to an Empower Polk grant from the Givewell Community Foundation, Talbot House launched a new electronic volunteer management system which will help us better manage volunteer schedules, tasks, and hours than ever before. With the new system, volunteers can schedule themselves for volunteer opportunities, receive reminders, sign in and sign out electronically, and so much more! These features will be particularly helpful for students that must track their hours for school, clubs, or internships. Our upgrade will streamline volunteer logistics, freeing staff to focus more on the mission of serving the homeless and impoverished while maximizing the critical support of volunteers to assist them.

You can learn more about our volunteer opportunities and apply to serve on our recently updated volunteer webpage, click here.

Talbot House is also blessed to have Christy, an enthusiastic new development associate responsible for managing this innovative volunteer system.

“I feel Lakeland and all its members are a part of my family, so I treat every single person with care and respect,” said Christy. A lifelong Lakeland resident, Christy brings a local perspective and a wealth of enthusiasm to her role on the Talbot House team. We are thrilled to see Christy spearhead the volunteer program and pull the community closer together, especially in this great time of need.

If you are interested in visiting Talbot House or volunteering please contact Christy at or (863) 687-8475 ext. 134.