Every morning, Talbot House Ministries staff and residents join together to celebrate personal achievements, make announcements, and pray together to start the day. Below are some of the small miracles shared in these meetings this month:

  • Jessie’s daughter and granddaughter came to visit him at Talbot House. They were impressed at how well he was doing.
  • Cheryl is grateful to have a roof over her head, and talked about how much she’s learned about respect and loving other people during her time here.
  • Gary went to see his son, who reached out for help: “I had to do it all on my own. I still have a chance [to be there] for my son.”
  • Rob is back at work!
  • Natoya passed her first security test with help from Solutions staff.
  • Cornelius received praise for his hard work polishing the floors throughout Talbot House.
  • David is moving into his own apartment!