Every morning, Talbot House Ministries staff and residents join together to celebrate personal achievements, make announcements, and pray together to start the day. Below are some of the small miracles shared in these meetings:


  • Joanie left Talbot House Ministries’ program successfully.
  • John, Carlos, Katherine, and Michael all moved into their own housing.
  • Valerie received her first AA chip.
  • Eber was pre-approved for a mortgage.
  • Carl and Audrey both started jobs.


  • Antonio bought a truck.
  • Stacy opened a bank account.
  • Ken achieved 20 months clean and celebrated a birthday.
  • Felix and Willie are both moving into their own apartments.
  • Dawn, Liz, and Ivener were welcomed to the leadership team.
  • Ashley, Asia, Tony, and Marquis are new to the program.


  • Sherrie received medical equipment she needed to sleep better.
  • Willie and Michael are transitioning into housing.
  • Santiago celebrated his one year anniversary at his job.
  • Kim completed security training and is interviewing with several companies.
  • Darneisha got a job in customer service.
  • Kelly reconnected with her grandchildren.
  • Jill started work.
  • Kelly, Carmen, and Ne’Shaun celebrated birthdays.


  • Joe successfully left Talbot House’s program.
  • Toma talked to his daughter on the phone for the first time in quite a while.
  • Adrian is joining JobCorps.
  • Ken underwent a successful medical procedure.
  • Kimberly completed security training.
  • Many new residents, guests, and staff received vaccinations against COVID-19.


  • James, Bryan, Martha, and Kevin joined the Renewal program.
  • Ne’Shaun started a new job!
  • Chris earned his GED.
  • Lee is four months sober!
  • Michael started work this month.
  • Jessica transitioned successfully to her own home.
  • Yolanda started a new job as a receptionist.


  • Ron earned three certificates through Solutions.
  • Michael started work this month.
  • Yolanda was visited by her nieces and nephews.
  • Kelly was able to travel to see her family.
  • Willie found God’s love and encouragement at a recent AA meeting.
  • Joe got his eyesight tested.
  • John celebrated his 72nd birthday.


  • Kenneth is 14 months clean.
  • Tanesha was welcomed to the program.
  • Christine had a job interview.
  • Margaret reached 5 months sober.
  • Alvern and Julio did a great job beautifying the campus.
  • Kelly looks forward to watching her grandchildren play Little League baseball.


  • Chris and Jeffrey are returning to school.
  • Roberta, Dominique, Amir, and Shawna were welcomed to Talbot House as new residents.
  • Julio is grateful to be back after a medical emergency.
  • Tammy was able to talk to her son for the first time in ages.
  • Pam has achieved 30 days sober!
  • Margaret is getting a new ID issued.
  • Talbot House celebrated the grand opening of the Vermont Place Apartments, which will house residents Bobby, Carmelee, David, Debra, Helen, and Otis, as well as 11 from outside Talbot House!


  • Leola left Talbot House’s program successfully, and moved out into her own student housing!
  • Bianca started her GED classes.
  • Chris received his new permanent teeth and can’t stop smiling!
  • Chrissy earned her forklift certification.
  • Carmelee is impressing guests and residents with some tasty breakfast recipes.
  • Fred has stepped up to the plate in the kitchen, and his peers are grateful for his hard work.
  • 11 residents have returned to Celebrate Recovery, a beloved local peer-support group.
  • Howard received medical attention to relieve his stomach issues.
  • Carlos and Santos helped a Spanish speaking volunteer learn how to help in the kitchen.


  • Keith and the laundry team went above and beyond while four commercial washers were replaced last week.
  • Lorenzo was successfully reunited with his family.
  • Charles cooked for Talbot House’s Super Bowl watch party.
  • Kenneth and other senior residents are grateful to have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Santiago was finally able to get eyeglasses after needing them for three years.
  • Devonte won a Valentine’s Day card design competition for his creativity.
  • Alvarez did a great job waxing the floors.


  • Kenneth is grateful to have received his first COVID-19 vaccination.
  • John rejoices that God is directing his life in a new way, and is grateful that his needs are being met.
  • Bianca has stepped up to help with tasks around campus.
  • Carlos received assistance traveling to his father’s funeral in Puerto Rico, and returned safely.
  • David found a new job opportunity.
  • Kelly appreciates everyone’s patience and support as she faces medical issues.
  • Sara, a new resident, was welcomed to campus.
  • Leola showed off her creativity by hand-sewing a lovely dress!