Proximity. Definition: Nearness in space, time or relationship.

Joshua Bell didn’t realize when he became our Facilities Director how closely he would work with residents to maintain Talbot House and to carry out its mission. This small-town Indiana boy soon found out that this was no ordinary facilities job but one that required skills beyond his ability to repair and maintain. Josh has had to start a ministry of sorts to get the residents to work with him. Yes, with him. He quickly realized that his love of the Lord was the glue that bound him to our residents. Their ability and desire to express their faith, the faith that the day they were in would be better than the day before, as well as their desire to serve and to be useful in some way (especially to each other and Talbot House) was something powerful he had in common with them.


Every day Joshua uses the resident morning meeting as an opportunity to spread the Word. His “pulpit” is standing in front of the aging dining room tables with as many as 85 people in his “congregation.” Joshua knows that the more positively the day starts, the more likely it is to end the same way.


Joshua Bell, we welcome you!