Felisia spent last Christmas getting high. She was on probation, facing eviction, and had no hope for her family’s future. Her sons, 12 and 13 years old, were following in their mother’s footsteps, getting caught up in drugs and gang activity. She soon found herself moving from hotel room to hotel room every night, barely surviving.

“To me, it was disgusting,” she remembers, “the drugs just took over.” Felisia’s situation is not unique. As you read this, many in our community are worrying about where and how they will spend the Christmas season.

This December, Felisia is maintaining her sobriety for the first time in six years. Through our Solutions department, she has earned her ServSafe certification and forklift driver certification, and recently gained employment at the RP Funding Center.

“Talbot House has really put me in a better place,” she reflects, smiling. “I have a different way of looking at things now.” No longer bitter and angry, Felisia is reading the Bible for the first time and enjoys a healthy relationship with her sons.

Every winter, Talbot House’s population surges as the homeless seek shelter from the bitter wind and cold. But as we share the love of God with these guests, offering hot meals and hope, lives are changed. Will you help Talbot House Ministries this Christmas season with a special gift to bless our clients?

Your gift will provide a home for the homeless this holiday season. Warm, safe, and fed, they will also have access to rehabilitative programs, free medical care, and job training services that offer them a path forward to a brighter future.

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