One of the primary goals of Talbot House Ministries is to help our clients transition from homelessness to self-sustainability.  We are blessed to benefit from several federal grants which help us provide many of our most crucial client-centered programs and services, including affordable housing initiatives. We are pleased to share that as of August 1, our newest Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant will take effect and transform our efforts to provide stable, affordable housing for Talbot House clients.


The Housing Stabilization Grant provides Talbot House with funding to provide a minimum of 15 new residential units.  We are also thrilled to be able to underwrite new staff, including an additional Case Manager, a SOAR-certified Job Benefits Specialist, and a part-time Housing Assistant. These personnel additions will free our Housing Specialist to work with local landlords to identify new affordable housing opportunities, which will further expand our ability to serve our clients and elevate the quality of their experience with us.


Our Housing Specialist, Deborah Cozzetti, is excited that Talbot House has received this important grant funding: “The Housing Stabilization Grant gives us the increased ability to wrap another layer of critical services and case management around a population that struggles to sustain housing. The difference on the face of a client and family members who enter the housing program and become financially independent is empowering not only to them but also to those who serve them here at Talbot House Ministries.”


Clients who are identified to enter the Housing Stabilization Program work with their case manager and a Job Benefits Specialist throughout the duration of the program. The Case Manager assesses individual and family needs and offers clients the foundation to achieve success. The Job Benefits Specialist helps clients to create a budget, reviews their unique employment history, and integrates their financial needs into their overall Housing Stability Plan.  Each plan includes clear benchmarks and timelines to monitor clients’ progress, and are reviewed and adjusted on a monthly basis by all parties.


Thanks to the multifaceted approach which combines case management with employment support services, Talbot House expects to increase its ability to provide job placement services and permanent housing options to those in need, improving the quality of their lives and helping them take the next steps toward becoming financially self-sufficient.