No one should spend the holidays hungry or alone, so we are thankful for the volunteers and donors that made this Thanksgiving a huge success.

This year, 22 of the Lakeland Gators and Legends youth football team served a Thanksgiving pancake breakfast to over 100 people! They brought the food and materials, cooked, and volunteered their time on a holiday, all in the name of helping the poor, impoverished, and homeless.

For lunch, 14 members of the Goodman family served around 70 meals, marking their 10th year cooking and serving Thanksgiving Day at Talbot House. We are blessed to share such a supportive community with people like the Goodman family.

Thanksgiving dinner was prepared by our kitchen staff with ingredients donated by local community members like the Cypress Lakes Veterans Group, who donated over 300 pounds of turkeys! Talbot House would not be able to renew the lives of the poor, homeless, and impoverished without supporters like these.

Our kitchen director, Rebecca, was beyond grateful to get a nice break from worrying about serving busy holiday meals, while the guests and residents got to enjoy seeing friendly faces that care about their well-being.

The pandemic may have put a mask over all our smiles, but many giving hearts and caring faces still showed their support this holiday season. This Thanksgiving, we saw a total of 51 volunteers, served over 280 meals and 105 snacks, and made an impact on the lives of people experiencing homelessness, joblessness, and poverty.

Thank you again to everyone who made this Thanksgiving a success. We look forward to sharing a wonderful Christmas with you all!