Talbot House’s Solutions department helps people build skills, gain resources, and make connections to attain independence. The solution isn’t just to get a job; we want people to grow their abilities and knowledge to gain meaningful employment and reach success in their life and career.

Homeless individuals without a job or income are unlikely to escape homelessness, and more likely to become chronically homeless over the course of their lives. To prevent this tragedy, we help people achieve long-term employment or find other income solutions through personalized assessments, classes, and support.

The staff at Solutions have added a new weekly class called “Level Up” for residents who show leadership skills to build additional competencies and secure a better paying job in their occupation. Rafael, the Solutions director, explains, “people don’t realize they don’t have to start over every time in an entry-level position, and we can help build upon existing skills to get a higher-level job.”

Securing income is only one piece of the puzzle in restoring a client’s life. Many barriers like securing transportation, solving legal problems, or finding child care can prevent people from reaching success. Training clients to know how to handle all different kinds of real-world problems is the Solutions team’s specialty; from helping with taxes to paying down debt, clients learn how to navigate life problems independently. Working one-on-one with clients, the Solutions team can also find patterns of behavior to correct and replace healthy practices.

Sometimes a client’s solution is not to return to work, but to gain benefits like Social Security or disability. In fact, about twenty percent of our clients will never return to work; that’s why we have a benefits specialist who works with this population to find the right resolutions for them. Just like Talbot House’s other services, assistance from Solutions staff are available to the public.

Leon, a recent clinic patient, walked in off the street to seek emergency medical care; when staff realized he was living out of a tent, they referred him to the Solutions department for help. The team at Solutions was able to help Leon apply for disability income and veteran benefits that he rightfully deserved. Now Leon receives medical care, regular income, and has even reconnected with his sister, who he is staying with until Talbot House can help him find affordable housing. This story shows how Talbot House’s staff work together to offer comprehensive services and resources to truly, holistically restore an individual’s quality of life.

If you would like to help renew lives, the Solutions team is looking for a GED tutor to help clients studying for their GED. If you or someone you know is interested in helping teach a class or becoming a tutor, please apply to volunteer here: https://talbothouse.org/volunteer/.