For the last five years, Johnny has operated the Talbot House passenger van, driving clients where they need to be and picking up donations. He takes his job very seriously and ensures that Talbot House clients make it to their appointments on time, every time. Often, he gets to take people to their most rewarding milestones like job interviews, the first day of work, or reuniting with family. Other destinations include doctor’s appointments, social security visits, school drop-offs, store trips, or donation runs.

Johnny explains that transportation is a significant barrier to keeping people from finding better opportunities, so he is proud to help ease people’s burdens a little. When Johnny first began working for Talbot House Ministries, he remembers driving the van was just a job, and he was mostly indifferent to the homeless population. With his daily interactions among residents, he became aware of the mufti-faceted issues people experiencing homelessness battle.

“I don’t counsel or mentor the residents, but instead, when driving, we just share experiences of strength, weakness, or hope.” Johnny describes that sharing experiences with others in recovery is part of healing. These conversations can be therapeutic for residents and also for Johnny, who fought off addiction in the past and has remained clean for 25 years! Johnny even resided at a recovery center himself, so he knows what it is like to be at your worst and have to ask for help. He is a frequent speaker at morning meetings, where his upbeat demeanor helps residents start the day on a positive note. His catch phrase, “if you’re not being awesome, you’re playing possum,” has become a favorite among clients and staff alike.

“We all have got life problems at some point, but recovery is there if and when you want it,” says Johnny.

With Johnny behind the wheel at Talbot House, we will continue offering reliable and safe transportation to help people get a second chance at life. Join us in thanking him for his five years of dedicated service!