Behind the scenes, Wendy Carr-Durbin kept Talbot House Ministries running smoothly for the last five years. Her work as Comptroller extended much further than the budgets and billing, and we are profoundly grateful for the legacy she is leaving as she retires this spring.

Wendy memorial

Above, Wendy honors the life of Peggy Watkins at a 2019 memorial ceremony.

As we celebrate Wendy’s retirement, we reflect with gratitude on all the ways she advanced our mission of serving and empowering the homeless and needy.

When she first came to Talbot House, many of its programs were much smaller than they would become. Wendy’s hard work helped Talbot House develop its housing program and secure new grant funding to help low-income adults across Polk County find and maintain housing.

Using her wealth of experience, Wendy refined Talbot House’s policies and procedures in many key areas. She helped develop a comprehensive benefits package to make the organization a more competitive employer. But her biggest accomplishment by far was securing critical funding from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta to launch the Vermont Place Apartments renovation project.

“It just came together,” she remembers.

Wendy considered herself a woman of faith when she arrived at Talbot House. She says that her faith grew during her time here as she saw divine provision and “tangible miracles” in the lives of our clients.

“When I came here, I truly saw the face of Christ.”

Wendy is an extraordinarily humble woman, quick to give credit to God and to her colleagues for the achievements she helped make possible. But at the end of the day, we all know that Wendy poured her heart into making Talbot House a stronger, clearer example of God’s love in the lives of those in need.

Wendy’s retirement plans include fishing and taking road trips with her husband and puppies, Zoe and Bella. She expects to continue serving Talbot House in a volunteer capacity in the future.

Stepping into the role of Comptroller is Antonia “Tony” Negron, a seasoned nonprofit professional with more than 20 years’ experience in financial management. She previously served as Comptroller for a nonprofit housing association in New York and is excited for the opportunity to help Talbot House Ministries’ clients improve their lives. Tony is married and has three sons.
Join us in wishing Wendy well as she enjoys the much-deserved fruits of her labor, and welcoming Tony to the Talbot House leadership team!