As families across Polk County prepare to send their children back to school, Talbot House Ministries is doing its part to ensure that disadvantaged kids have the supplies they need to stay healthy and succeed.

Through a partnership with One More Child, Talbot House Ministries was able to deliver 37 backpacks full of back-to-school supplies and personal protective equipment to families in our scattered site housing programs this month. These supplies will be of great help to students like Hannah, a nine-year-old gifted student living with her immunocompromised mother.

“I’d rather her have hands-on schooling,” admitted her mother. “She gets anxious over her grades. I just hope that this virtual school works out for her.” They are hopeful that it will be safe for Hannah to return to Highlands City Elementary later on in the school year.

“I’m scared to death,” said Karen, mother of a sixteen-year-old daughter attending Mulberry High. She says her daughter will only be allowed to attend school two days a week. While the school supplies were a big help, she is still worried about arranging for the transportation and technology her daughter will need this school year.

Although there is much uncertainty going into this school year, everyone agrees that the education of their children is of the utmost importance. The 32 families benefitting from Talbot House Ministries’ housing services know they can always call their case manager for support as they navigate the semester.

“I’m just very thankful for you guys,” Hannah’s mother concluded. “It’s a real blessing that there’s programs out there like that.”

We ask that you keep the children of Polk County, especially those who are disadvantaged, in your prayers as they begin a new school year this month.