Maria Website Press Release 2


Former President Harry S. Truman once said, It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets credit. In the last 40 years of serving our community, Talbot House Ministries has become an accomplished organization. While the cumulative efforts of staff members over many seasons can be credited for a great number of these achievements, we would be remiss not to acknowledge the leadership work of our Executive Board.

The Executive Board provides legal, ethical, financial, and strategic governance for Talbot House Ministries. At this time there are eighteen sitting board members: 

J.D. Shahin, Board President

Jennifer D. Labrador, Vice President

Joe Ramirez, Treasurer

Georgianna Kelly, Secretary

Stacy Campbell-Domineck

Adam Conrady

Benjamin Gomez

Bob Alexander

Denis Grant

Dr. Dan Haight

Jim Lobinsky

Sherrie Long

John Milone

Shari Poonegar-Brown

Teddra Porteous

Patti Rose

Nate Snell

Leanna Wheatcraft

Joining in late 2022, Stacy Campbell-Domineck and Leanna Wheatcraft are two of our newest board members. Currently serving as the President & CEO for CareerSource Polk, Stacy brings with her 26 years of experience in leadership, supervision, and management. She is highly engaged with organizations focused on economic development, as well as the many chambers of commerce in Polk County. Acting as a catalyst in developing fruitful relationships with vital business and educational partners, Stacy is passionate about refining Polk County’s workforce through continuous improvement in skill development and leadership management. 

Fellow board member, Leanna Wheatcraft, has deep roots in Lakeland. She was born and raised in the city and completed her college education at Florida Southern College. While completing a double major in Accounting and Business Administration, Leanna worked her way up from intern to Senior Accountant at Florida Southern College and graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration in December 2022. 

With the start of the new year, the Executive Board looks forward to doing their part to maximize the ministry’s potential and reach new heights. Veteran board member Jim Lobinsky shared, “The future looks bright. We now have a new Executive Director with great experience to build on a great foundation. There are still many in our community that need help, and we need to grow to be able to serve East Polk County.”

We look forward to highlighting additional board members’ contributions in the months to come. Please continue to keep our leadership team in your prayers as they carry the momentum of Talbot  House forward throughout this new year.