Thanksgiving was truly something to be thankful for this year. We were able to partner with Hanes to provide 1,000 pairs of socks to those who needed them, and  Cypress Lakes donated close to 500 pounds of turkey to our homeless community for Thanksgiving Day.

This outpouring of generosity allowed Talbot House Ministries to provide warm clothes and a delicious meal for many people who needed some encouragement  at the beginning of this holiday season.

More than 20 volunteers served at Talbot House Ministries on Thanksgiving Day. The countless donated goods we received helped us meet the basic needs of the homeless and brought them joy and gratitude.

During this season of giving, many people and businesses across Polk County have shown support for the homeless in a variety of ways.  We rejoice to know that our guests are supported not only by us, but by the community as well.

We simply could not do it without you. On behalf of all of us at Talbot House Ministries, thank you!