What is “normal?” This is a word that COVID-19 has changed for everyone in our community.  Talbot House Ministries has found a new normal in many capacities, from our housing program to the Solutions department.  Our “new normal” is allowing us to engage with clients in innovative ways, and we’re excited to be able to continue serving when our community needs us most.

During this difficult time, Talbot House Ministries’ housing and case management staff are having a major impact by advocating for and linking clients to community resources while walking side-by-side with them throughout the process of obtaining affordable housing.

According to our Housing Manager Deborah Cozzetti, “It can be frightening coming out of recovery and into your own place if there is no one to guide you through the process of becoming stable and independent. Case management is the critical wrap-around support and care needed to guide someone safely through the next healthy steps in their journey.”

Linking clients with needed services and providers is essential for the long-term success of people like Erin and LaTasha, who are transitioning into their new apartment through the help of housing case manager Ruby Pierre. As Erin and LaTasha begin their journey in living independently, Ruby will be checking in on them regularly via phone and Zoom calls to check up on personal goals, make recommendations, and help them solve any issues that may arise.

Talbot House has also launched a Facebook group dedicated directly to its housing clients, allowing them to stay involved and feel supported during this “new normal.” This new forum will also allow them to take classes, view workshops, and have access to other online resources at their own leisure.

The Solutions employment program at Talbot House Ministries is thrilled about its “new normal.” Rafael Manzano, Director of Employment and Training, states, “The Solutions program at Talbot House Ministries is committed in helping our clients find a path to independence, assisting clients to obtain and maintain employment and housing…” New ways to serve include but are not limited to: smaller class sizes, Zoom team meetings, assisting with employment and (sometimes) unemployment applications, delivering food boxes, coordinating transportation, and many other items that impact clients.

The “new normal” has its challenges, but the ability of our staff, our community, and our clients to transition during this time is a testament to Talbot House Ministries’  dedication to its mission of restoring  lives and hope.