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Loss has a profound and unique effect on everyone it encounters. On January 22, 2023, the Talbot House family faced an unexpected and heartbreaking loss–the loss of a friend, colleague, and mentor, Mrs. Michell Young Wilson.

Coming out of retirement, Michell accepted the role of Job Skills Instructor for Talbot House’s employment program, Solutions. After spending years as an educator, Michell had a passion to teach and edify. As the Job Skills Instructor, she was devoted to empowering and equipping clients to achieve their financial, career, and personal goals.

After sharing the news of their loss with the residents, the Talbot House staff and leadership made space for residents to share the impact Michell had on each of their lives.

Through tears, residents recalled moments when they were pushed to achieve things they had not expected of themselves. They shared their resolve to complete goals such as attaining their GED to honor Michell’s legacy.

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Talbot House’s Grants Manager, Tiana McClellan encouraged residents to not only remember Michell but to remember the passion she had for each of them. And to use that passion to fuel them as they achieved their goals.

During her time at Talbot House, Michell arranged interviews, community partnerships, and job opportunities for residents. She facilitated certification courses, job readiness classes, as well as classes like basic computer skills.

Residents shared that they would not have the ability to navigate a computer without Michell’s investment in them, that they would not have a car without her encouragement, and that they are saddened to know she will not be present to see them fulfill the potential she identified in each of them.

Solutions is a hidden gem. Working to remove any and all barriers to clients obtaining and retaining employment and income, Solutions offers a variety of services:

SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR)
Job Readiness Classes
Job Placement Opportunities
GED Prep
Resume Building
Financial Literacy Classes
A Computer Lab

While the work of Solutions will not stop in the absence of Michell, the indelible mark she left on her clients, her colleagues, and her community, will not be forgotten.

“Legacy is not what you do, it’s what people do because of you.”

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Many goals will be accomplished because of Michell, many barriers will be broken because of Michell, hope will be restored because of Michell, potential will be actualized because of Michell.

Michell has left a legacy that will reach generations far beyond her. May she rest in peace.