While Talbot House clients may not have all the luxuries your family enjoys this Thanksgiving holiday, they are nevertheless counting their blessings this holiday season. Blessings like:

Reuniting with family. This year, Helen was able to fly to Pennsylvania to see her kids for the first time in years. Carl has reconnected with his sister, daughter, and two grandchildren and will be spending the holidays with them. Mary earned back custody of her children, and now has a home of her own in which to celebrate.

Healthier lifestyles. Through sober living programs, clients like Kelly are overcoming their struggles with substance abuse and mental illness day by day. Deborah, Vinnie, and Randall are maintaining fulfilling lifestyles despite their physical limitations. The Good Samaritan Free Clinic continues to heal and treat those in need while minimizing the threat of coronavirus.

New opportunities. Santiago graduated high school and just started his first job. John is almost done earning his GED. After a long, uphill battle, Rob went back to work and is in his own apartment again. Yolanda is starting college.

These breakthroughs are only possible through your generosity.

As your family makes preparations for the Thanksgiving holiday, we hope you will remember those who are less fortunate in your hearts and prayers. If you are able, please consider a gift to Talbot House Ministries to sustain our services this holiday season.

Give Today.

Every dollar has an immediate impact in the lives of homeless clients like those mentioned above, who came to Talbot House with nothing.

Thank you for sharing a portion of what God has blessed you with this Thanksgiving season. Your gift offers hope, sharing God’s profound love with those most in need of His grace.

Warmest Thanksgiving wishes from all of us at Talbot House Ministries!