“I know now God had a plan for me this whole time and meant for me to land at Talbot House,” says Kelley.

A failed marriage, unsuccessful knee surgery, addiction, and physical and mental agony are just some of the challenges Kelly faces. The most pressing issues involved severe mental health concerns which led to Kelly attempting to take her own life; fortunately, she was saved and encouraged to seek help here at Talbot House Ministries.

Kelly explains that when she saw the “Where Broken Lives Find Hope” sign above the front doors at Talbot House, she immediately felt safe and welcomed. Over her time here, she has learned that it is okay to not be okay. However, instead of fleeing to harmful vices, Kelly is accepting medical attention, developing coping skills, and pursuing educational training.

“The Talbot House staff have never given up on me, and all the continuous support allowed me to prosper,” says Kelly as she explains her gratitude. Kelly wants other people seeking help to feel as safe and welcomed as she did. She works the intake desk for the overnight shelter every night to make sure people see a friendly face.

She now understands everything that happens in her life, whether good or bad, involves a plan God set to put Kelly where she needed to be. Her story reminds us that every single life matters; regardless of what someone has been through or going through, he or she deserves a chance at life renewal.

Kelly was once so close to losing all hope and will for life. Now, thanks to the gracious support of people like you, she can find hope and create a new, healthy life!

We ask you to please pray for Kelly as recovers from a recent medical emergency.